Oribotics – foldable material

Definition of Oribotics

Oribotics is a field of research. Oribotics considered aesthetic, biomeachnic and morphological connection. It is a bridge between nature, origami and robotics. The name comes from ORI which means basically „to fold“ and bot is the shorten form of robot.

The origami structure from oribotics where controlled by robot technology. Folding materials include materials like paper and synthetic fabrics. Origami have folds of mountain and valley folds which are folded very precise to strive a perfect fold and unfold mechanism on command. The design of origami is striven to have a complex expression of the patterns which can be repeated.

Projects from Matthew Gardinger

Light is Time Folds are Space

Light is Time Folds are Space
He was inspired during his research by nano fabrication, particularly an area called DNA Origami. It refers to the folding and binding of DNA into programmed shapes.Light is Time Folds are Space is a large installation of hundreds of hand folded sheets of polypropylene. The installation  move with an algorithmic variance and includes 11 midi controlled lights which allow animation of shadows which create another appearance of the work surface. The sheets move on a mechanical foundation.

Oribotics [.de]

Oribotics – the future unfolds
The inspiration comes from a tile  „The geometry of unfolding tree leaves. Digital fabrication technology is the base for the future unfolds. Further a new generation has a polyester fabric membrane which is deformable by heat and is programmable.

The Folded Geometry of the Universe

The folded Geometry of the Universe






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