The Timeless Issue

“A huge reason why I wanted to shoot the cover of the ‘Age Issue,’ was to be able to show a new take on how a woman over 70 could look. […]“

„That is why I was so excited to shoot Lauren Hutton for the cover. She is 74 and so vibrant and still sexy. She also embraces her age. She has had no cosmetic work done to her face or body. It’s important that a cover be more than just a photograph, it needs to reflect our times and challenge and inspire. We live in an Ageist Society and people are all trying to look young and very few are embracing their age and their lines!”

Mit diesen Worten beschreibt Fotograf Steven Klein das Cover der Vogue Italia von Oktober 2017, jener Ausgabe, die sich einzig und allein weiblichen Models über 60 widmet.

Cover der Vogue Italia, Oktober 2017

„Is 80 the new 20?“ isn’t the question to ask

Lauren Hutton ist somit die älteste Frau, die jemals auf einem Vogue Cover abgebildet wurde. Emanuele Farneti hierzu: „The question to ask isn’t ‚Is old age having a fashion moment‘? — the answer, in fact, is yes. Rather, we think that it is about inclusive diversity, the real challenge of today. This relates to gender, ethnicity, and religion, and it is also true for age — no one feels excluded.“ Die Intention hinter jener Ausgabe ist es somit nicht, junge Laufstegmodels durch alte „zu verdrängen“, sondern Raum für Diversität zu schaffen. Es geht um inklusive, politisch aktivierende Botschaften, um Wandel der Gesellschaft und mehr Akzeptanz und Weitblick.


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